Recent Accomplishments

Sachem School District – emptied three schools and moved into existing schools

File Services

  • Relocated 1.8 million files and 2500 sections of shelving for MAYO CLINIC
  • Interfile 7250 files into various file systems
  • Pack and document 13K claims files for storage
  • Pack and document 52k claims files for transportation – Major Insurance Company on Long Island
  • Physical relocation of 10K Linear filing inches of documents
  • File conversion of top tab system to side tab system; Est, 50K LFI, MetroTech, Brooklyn NY
  • Interfile and system conversion straight numeric to alphabetic; Est, 36K LFI
  • File Conversion, Shelving Installation, and placement; 750 LFI, Arizona
  • File Conversion, 360 LFI, NY NY –  Major Insurance Company on Long Island
  • Certified destruction of 740 cartons via shredding

Government Projects

  • Relocations of various State Senators, and public policy makers
  • 9 Projects involving public school districts
  • 15 State Agencies serviced
  • Served Nassau, Suffolk, Manhattan and Albany areas
  • Relocation of the contents of 135k SqFt, over 3 Floors in a local hospital
  • Sachem School District – closed 3 schools

Corporate and Commercial Relocations

  • Successful relocations of over 2300 employees, of 78 major companies
  • 18K Sq Ft Manufacturing Facility
  • 22K Sq Ft Media Distribution Facility with Showroom
  • HD Post Production suites with numerous SGI workstations.
  • Multiphase relocations of 17 active broadcast studios, including on-air personalities
  • Internal relocation of 190 Claims Representatives
  • Interstate Transportation of an active television studio.

Delivery & Installations

  • 145 Mechanical Mobile Systems (accommodating over 1 Million linear filing inches)
  • 3, 5X4 Bi-File System (accommodating over 6600 linear filing inches)
  • Knock Down & Reinstallation of 225 workstations, 6 unique vendors, 12 unique clients
  • Reconfiguration of 15K Sq Ft of systems furniture, 4 unique clients
  • Installation of mobile for box storage of 180 sections of shelving and 250 of static
  • Knock Down & Reconfiguration of 77 Sections of Static Shelving

Locations of Above Projects:

Manhattan, Nassau, Queens, Upstate NY, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Washington DC, Arizona, Michigan, Florida, Nashville, North Carolina